Why Purity? on Incarnation and Modernity. by Maria Grizzetti

“I will love completely, and I cannot now. I will love with my heart and body and soul. I will love to receive and to give. I will love physically and singularly, you alone and not many others, always and not conditionally, with a full consent of my will and of my soul, because you deserve nothing less than everything I can give. And here lies the choice for a greater freedom.”

Maria responds to  the question of embracing the challenge for living true freedom through the pursuit of Purity, “because one perceives human love, wounded and imperfect as it is a way to love, as a perfecting desire, as containing an elevated positive purpose and potential: the participation in a greater and fuller love which redeems it, and suffices for its deficiency, and activates its generosity.

Will we give ourselves, the change to ask more of ourselves, and so to be free? To be well?… and being well is other bound, because no one is well alone”.

Brava cara!

Read the rest  here.


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